Thursday, December 30, 2010

Donate your email

Donate your email is a campaign where you accept to read a marketing email to raise money for charity. Advertisers are constantly trying to reach their consumers to market their products. While TV ads and radio commercials are not viable to many, internet and email marketting emerged as a promissing solution. However greed and abuse of email lists and deceptive practices to acquire emails have eroded the email marketting's potential and credibility. What we aspire to do is create a database of emails which will be used to send promotional marketing emails for our clients. This is our pledge to you

1. We will never sell your email address to anyone.
2. We will never spam you.
3. We will limit the number of emails delivered to you to a maximum of 10 a month.
4. We will donate ALL proceeds to charity.

Donate today.

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