Tuesday, April 2, 2013

What is GiveInKind?

1. What is GiveInKind?
    GiveInKind is a charity initiative where money for charity is raised through non-material and Intellectual property donations from our donors. We use Blogs and YouTube videos as a vehicle to raise money and awareness.
Raised $1000 Q1 and Q2 2017 with 50 videos

2. What is a Blog?
   A blog is a stands for WebLog, which is an online shared journal. A blog can be personal or any topic of interest. Common Blogs are Travel Blogs, Cooking and other interests, how to Blogs or any topic of interest. The intent of the Blog is to share information on the web. A user looking for a recipe on the Internet could find it in a blog. Blog generally has one author, but Blogs with many authors are common as well like in a community journal.

3. What is online advertising?
   Just like TV and Newspaper, Web is an advertising media. People are on the web searching for something and a seller can reach a buyer based on what the buyer is searching for. This is active marketing. Sellers can also position their brand by displaying a logo or brand name to the users. YouTube is overtaking web blogs a content creation and distribution platform.

4. How does a Blog make money?
    If I have a recipe blog with a listing of Vegetarian recipes, the person who comes to the blog might be interested in Vegetarian restaurants, low fat diet, Kellogg's Special K or slim fast. The Blog can display an advertisement  make money for selling the 'spot' on my website.

5. How much money can a Blog make?
   Typically it is $1 for every 1000 impressions. Am impression is the number of times the blog displays an ad to a unique visitor in a day. If 1000 people came to site and saw an ad, the blog makes $1. Their return visit in a day do not count, however they can come the following day and the Blog will make money.

6. Can you really raise a lot of money to help poor children?
   If you tell about this site to 10 individuals and they did the same and this continued 6 levels deep that's 10 million visitors. If they came to the site once a week that generates $4000. We can educate a whole village, feed many many kids and save many many lives.

7. Why would anyone come to the same Blog again and again?
    No they wont unless the content changes and they have something new every time they visit. That is why we need volunteers to contribute to the blog to keep it fresh and interesting. Above all , we want our readers to find some value, a nice recipe, a nice hotel for vacation or something to read to a first grader.

Money for this initiative is raised from 

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